Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated full-service scrap metal facility in Waterloo Region. We specialize in all types of metal recycling, from household drop-offs to commercial scrap bin services and car recycling. We are also a fully integrated dealer processing facility. Drop by or contact us for more information on how to turn your scrap metal into cash.

Our Promise

At Dundee Recycling we stand behind our quality of service. We are committed to providing both our customers and suppliers with the most competitive pricing in the market, while upholding the standards you have grown to trust over the past 30 years.

Our History

In 1989, after visiting an equipment auction in New Dundee, Ontario, Bill and Irene Kropf recognized an opportunity within the recycling industry. Dundee Recycling began as a small operation, recycling materials in an environmentally conscious manner, and with a lot of hard work they experienced incredible growth within the first few years of business. In the early 1990’s their relocation to Bridge St. enabled them to better serve the community and surrounding areas.

At Dundee Recycling, we are amazed and grateful for the expansion and new opportunities the past 30 years have brought to our business, while operating on the same principles and ethics as we have from day one. Today Dundee Recycling is under the leadership of Stephen Kropf, who is as passionate about the business as his grandparents were when it was formed decades ago. Proudly operating in our third generation, we look forward to serving the community for generations to come.

Our Commitment
to Sustainability

Recycling metal is highly effective as it can be recycled repeatedly without its properties being altered. Metal recycling comes with economic and environmental benefits including; lower metal material costs, a decrease in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, and energy conservation as it reduces the need for mining.

Our Team

We have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry

  • Stephen Kropf

    Position: President

    Contact info : info@dundeerecycling.com


    Stephen started his career in the metal recycling industry at the age of 13! After school and on weekends he would help his father and grandfather around the yard doing things like sweeping, cleaning, and removing steel from brass and copper. At the age of 18, Stephen became a full-time employee with the company and immediately got his AZ driver’s license. He drove a variety of trucks (and still does from time to time), doing deliveries of our metals and servicing our accounts. At the age of 25, Stephen’s father promoted him to a manager’s position. It did not take long for Dennis to see his true potential within the company as he played a major role in the expansion and growth of the company in a short period of time. In 2017, at the age of 28, Stephen was named President and his father Dennis took a step back. Since the time Stephen took over his role, the company has seen huge growth, innovation and success that has made Dundee Recycling into what it is today. Stephen continues to grow his team and add new value daily.

  • Tim Belmore

    Position: Vice President

    Contact info : timb@dundeerecycling.com


    Working in the metal recycling industry for 22 years, Tim has gained extensive knowledge and experience within this business. Tim started working at the local scrap yard for a summer job in high school and fell in love with the industry, moving his way through the business and learning every job possible. From torching iron in the yard to trading metals with the world’s biggest consumers. He has worked for some of the industry’s best companies throughout his 22-year career until connecting with Stephen Kropf and Dundee Recycling. They both share the same determination and work ethics and work tirelessly to keep the company growing to make Dundee Recycling a place that people can call home for many years to come. Tim oversees all aspects of Dundee Recycling’s non-ferrous activities.

  • Myles White

    Position: Trader

    Contact info : mylesw@dundeerecycling.com


    Myles has been involved in the scrap recycling industry since 1992. He started out as a truck driver driving Lugger and Roll-Off, followed by a few years in the back of the warehouse working in ferrous and nonferrous receiving loads and further processing scrap for consumer sales. It wasn’t until 1994 that Myles made the big leap to go out on the road buying scrap from industrial accounts as well as other scrap dealers. Myles quickly learned that being a great scrap salesperson wasn’t easy, and through hard work and dedication to his craft he soon became aware of what it took to become a great salesperson. Myles believes in determination, self-discipline, and most importantly being himself and treating all those he deals with, with dignity, respect and above all, sincerity. Over the last 30 years, Myles has worked in all aspects of the scrap business with some very well-known companies in the field, and with his expertise, wisdom and knowledge of the business he is now part of a young talented and progressive company, Dundee Recycling.

  • Kevin Kropf

    Position: Non-Ferrous Operations Manager

    Contact info : kevink@dundeerecycling.com


    Kevin has been with Dundee Recycling for 6 years now. Kevin joined shortly after his brother Stephen assumed the role of President. Kevin finished university with a BOS (Bachelor of Science degree). It did not take him long to realize his calling was in the family business of metal recycling. Kevin started his career at Dundee working in the warehouse as a general labourer doing all sorts of jobs from torching and sorting metals to helping customers unload their vehicles and educating our customers on proper segregation of their metals. Kevin has had many roles within the company and now has his role of operations manager of non-ferrous. Kevin oversees the daily flow of our warehouse, quality control of all incoming and outgoing metals. Kevin also oversees the shipping and receiving of all non-ferrous movement.

  • Ivan Gallant

    Position: General Manager

    Contact info : ivan@dundeerecycling.com


    Ivan started his career in the metal recycling industry 30 years ago. Ivan started out as a general labourer doing all sorts of jobs. From sorting and cleaning metals to weighing in customer’s scrap. Ivan grew to love the industry and applied himself in every job he could, learning everything from crane operations to driving trucks and everything in between. Ivan has worked for some of the industry’s biggest companies and landed his role with Dundee Recycling in 2011 and has since overseen all operations in the ferrous yard. Ivan’s day to day is making sure the yard flows seamlessly and is in good order. Ivan is a huge team player and the go to problem solver.

  • Hailey Bridges

    Position: Scale Clerk/Logistics Coordinator

    Contact info : hailey@dundeerecycling.com


    Hailey has been with Dundee Recycling for 2 years now. She handles quite a few jobs within the company. Hailey is our full-time scale clerk, weighing in and out all vehicles that come across the scales. Hailey does all our public cash payouts and is the last face our customers see before leaving the office. Hailey also plays a role with various administration duties, like helping with invoicing, creating sales and purchase orders, and settling purchase tickets. She also does all our dispatch for both incoming and outgoing trucks in both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials. It’s fair to say her days are filled with multiple roles and she plays a key part in the team. As the company grows, Hailey’s goal is to become the head of dispatch and help grow our fleet. Hailey enjoys meeting all the new faces that come through daily, seeing all the cools things that come into the yard and loves that she gets to have her dog hangout with her at work.

  • Laura Rivais

    Position: Bookkeeper

    Contact info : laurar@dundeerecycling.com


    Laura has been with Dundee Recycling for 4 years now. Laura graduated from Conestoga College from the accounting coop program. Laura was hired as our bookkeeper and has since made life effortless in our accounting department. Laura has had many roles in the accounting and bookkeeping field and in 2019 applied to an ad as Dundee was in need of a new bookkeeper. Hiring Laura was an excellent choice, and we can’t be happier with what she brings to the team. Laura helps anyplace that she can and is a huge team player. Laura’s goal is to expand the accounting team and help that department with future growth. Laura’s favourite part of the job is getting to know a completely different industry and working with people from all around the world.

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